What is New

  • Version for May,2012
  • This version we add the papers from July 25,2011 to May 25,2012. The current version contains 3075 genes (99 syndromic autism related genes and 3022 non-syndromic autism related genes), 4617 Copy Number Variations (CNVs) and 158 linkage regions associated with ASD.
    The new statistic of data is in the flowing figure.

    Figure 1: statistic of papers and genes

    We re-rank our genes using the previous ranking algorithm. We use the same benchmark dataset and get a new final weight matrix.
    The matrix with the best gene rank (95% Benchmark Dataset genes in 98% of all the genes)was chosen:
    CategoriesGWASExpressionCNVLinkagelow scale associationlow scale others

    Table 1: Final Weight Matrix

    We use 16, the minimum score of Benchmark Dataset (SHANK2) , as the final cutoff. The dataset has 109 genes

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AutismKB Statistics

  • Studies: 616
  • Genes: 3,075
  • SNPs/VNTRs: 3,386
  • CNVs: 4,617
  • Linkage Regions: 158
  • Last Update: 05/25/2012
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