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Basic Information Top
Gene Symbol:SLC30A1 ( ZNT1,ZRC1 )
Gene Full Name: solute carrier family 30 (zinc transporter), member 1
Band: 1q32.3
Quick LinksEntrez ID:7779; OMIM: 609521; Uniprot ID:ZNT1_HUMAN; ENSEMBL ID: ENSG00000170385
Gene Ontology Top
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0005886EXP-plasma membrane15276077
GO:0005886IDA-plasma membrane17349999
GO:0016021IEA-integral to membrane-
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0005385EXP-zinc ion transmembrane transporter activity15276077
GO:0008324IEA-cation transmembrane transporter activity-
GO:0019855ISS-calcium channel inhibitor activity-
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0001701IEA-in utero embryonic development-
GO:0006829ISS-zinc ion transport-
GO:0006874ISS-cellular calcium ion homeostasis-
GO:0006882ISS-cellular zinc ion homeostasis-
GO:0046929ISS-negative regulation of neurotransmitter secretion-
GO:0055085TAS-transmembrane transport-
GO:0070574ISS-cadmium ion transmembrane transport-
GO:0071577EXP-zinc ion transmembrane transport15276077
GO:0071584ISS-negative regulation of zinc ion import-
GO:0071585IEA-detoxification of cadmium ion-
GO:0090281ISS-negative regulation of calcium ion import-
Protein-Protein Interaction Top
Genomic Variants Top
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Animal Model Top
  • MGI ID: MGI:1345281
  • Data Attributes: MGI curated and HomoloGene calculated
MGI Allele ID Allele Symbol Allele Source Allele Type / Mutant Cell line ID
MGI:3056498Slc30a1[tm1Gka]Allele from Mouse Targeted (Reporter)
  • embryogenesis phenotype
  • reproductive system phenotype
MGI:4456529Slc30a1[tm1(KOMP)Ucd]Mutant from cell lines29532