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Basic Information Top
Gene Symbol:TNP1 ( TP1 )
Gene Full Name: transition protein 1 (during histone to protamine replacement)
Band: 2q35-q36
Quick LinksEntrez ID:7141; OMIM: 190231; Uniprot ID:STP1_HUMAN; ENSEMBL ID: ENSG00000118245
Gene Ontology Top
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0001673IEA-male germ cell nucleus-
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0003677IMP-DNA binding12743712
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0000012IDA-single strand break repair12743712
GO:0006337IMP-nucleosome disassembly10781074
GO:0006338IDA-chromatin remodeling12743712
GO:0006342IEP-chromatin silencing11315969
GO:0007275IEA-multicellular organismal development-
GO:0007286IDA-spermatid development12743712
GO:0007289TAS-spermatid nucleus differentiation12743712
GO:0007290IMP-spermatid nucleus elongation10781074
GO:0019953IMP-sexual reproduction10781074
GO:0030154IEA-cell differentiation-
GO:0030317IMP-sperm motility10781074
GO:0035042TAS-fertilization, exchange of chromosomal proteins12743712
GO:0045892IDA-negative regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent12743712
Protein-Protein Interaction Top
Gene Symbol Interactant Interaction ID References Description
TNP1PRKACA1115539837753 Biochemical Activity
TNP1PRKACA1129959837753 Biochemical Activity
TNP1PRKACB1115549837753 Biochemical Activity
TNP1PRKACB1129959837753 Biochemical Activity
TNP1PRKACG1115559837753 Biochemical Activity
TNP1PRKACG1129959837753 Biochemical Activity
TNP1PRKCA1129959837753 Biochemical Activity
TNP1PRKCA1115649837753 Biochemical Activity
No data
No data
Genomic Variants Top
AlzGene, PDGene and SZGene Top
Animal Model Top
  • MGI ID: MGI:98784
  • Data Attributes: MGI curated and HomoloGene calculated
MGI Allele ID Allele Symbol Allele Source Allele Type / Mutant Cell line ID
MGI:1859961Tnp1[tm1Mlm]Allele from Mouse Targeted (knock-out)
  • reproductive system phenotype
MGI:4399470Tnp1[tm1(KOMP)Vlcg]Mutant from cell linesVG13027
No data
No data

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