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Basic Information Top
Gene Symbol:PRDX4 ( AOE37-2,PRX-4 )
Gene Full Name: peroxiredoxin 4
Band: Xp22.11
Quick LinksEntrez ID:10549; OMIM: 606506; Uniprot ID:PRDX4_HUMAN; ENSEMBL ID: ENSG00000123131
Gene Ontology Top
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0005576IEA-extracellular region-
GO:0005615IEA-extracellular space-
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0008379TAS-thioredoxin peroxidase activity9388242
GO:0016491IEA-oxidoreductase activity-
GO ID Evidence Qualifier GO_term References
GO:0007252TAS-I-kappaB phosphorylation9388242
GO:0045454IEA-cell redox homeostasis-
Protein-Protein Interaction Top
Gene Symbol Interactant Interaction ID References Description
PRDX4PRDX11158009388242 Two-hybrid
PRDX4PRDX11110899388242 Two-hybrid
PRDX4TTF211403612927788 Two-hybrid
PRDX4TTF211580012927788 Two-hybrid
PRDX4PRDX41158009388242 Reconstituted Complex; Two-hybrid
No data
No data
Genomic Variants Top
AlzGene, PDGene and SZGene Top
Animal Model Top
  • MGI ID: MGI:1859815
  • Data Attributes: MGI curated and HomoloGene calculated
MGI Allele ID Allele Symbol Allele Source Allele Type / Mutant Cell line ID
MGI:3848346Prdx4[tm1Jufu]Allele from Mouse Targeted (Floxed/Frt)
  • no phenotypic analysis
MGI:3848347Prdx4[tm1.1Jufu]Allele from Mouse Targeted (knock-out)
  • endocrine/exocrine gland phenotype
  • cellular phenotype
  • reproductive system phenotype
MGI:4433070Prdx4[tm1a(EUCOMM)Wtsi]Mutant from cell lines69791
No data
No data

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